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If you are looking for some ready cash that you can use to live a happy life we have some great solutions for you. We, at Home Buying and Equity Agents provide you with financial solutions, help with equity release and guide through property investment advice.

Our services include


•             Access to a choice of cautiously selected finance providers.

•             Advice on suitable types of equity release that is available.

•             In depth study of availability of equity release plans which come along with exclusive features.

•             Property investment advice.

•             Mortgage solutions.

•             Over 50’s care.

Are You Looking for Equity Release?


It takes a lot of thought before you can make up your mind about going ahead with an equity release. Therefore it is very important to take advice from a reliable source.

 We carefully select the best equity release specialists so that your finance is in dependable and expert hands. We would always get you information and advice from a dedicated equity release professional. We believe in your freedom to choose what is right for you and that is why we never force our opinions on any of our clients.

Make the Most of It!


There is no point of living in a big house and face a financial crisis when the house can actually earn something for you. Under such circumstances one of the best options can be an equity release. The best part is, in most cases you can even enjoy staying in your own home even after you get the cash.

There are some good things about an equity release. With an equity release you can 

•             Receive lump sum cash which is tax-free.

•             Carry on staying in your own house.

•             You may also have the alternative to assure an inheritance for your relations.

•             Move to a different property if you choose, without having to pay a financial penalty.

Why do You Need Advice?


Once you decide to go in for an equity release scheme it becomes a long-term commitment. So it is always better to take expert advice rather than regret later. An equity release advisor will help you to weigh the pros and cons of various schemes that are available. More over you will get to know about several schemes which you might not be aware about.

We at Home Buying and Equity Agents, have provided services to hundreds of people looking for viable financial solutions. Whether you are in your post retirement age, planning for your retirement or just looking for some financial solution we are always there to guide you.

Which Scheme is Best for You?


There is no fixed rule for the best scheme that is available for an equity release. Different solutions suit different people.

There are mainly two types of equity release plans that are available.

•             Lifetime mortgage

•             Home reversion plan

Both these plans are good as they permit you to carry on living in your own house. Along with that you get cash released which could be spent on just about anything. You can decide to go on a holiday of your dreams, purchase a car, make some improvements to your home, give some money to your children or help out a family member who really needs it.

We provide professional guidance to help you decide which one is the best option for you. A lot depends on your age, how big your property is and some other factors. If you are keen to free some cash from the home you have invested in and reduce some financial stress without having to sell and move, then we might have just the solution that you need.

In Case You Need Us


We are always ready to help whether you need us for an equity release plan or for some other financial advice. If you are looking for some good opportunities for investing in properties, then we may have some great options ready for you. Be it above 50’s care or mortgage help that you require, our expert team is ready to render their support with the best possible financial solutions that are made just for you.



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Our financial circumstances seemed to be going terribly wrong. We had no money left for a comfortable living as we had to clear a debt. Thanks to Home Buying and Equity Agents, we could repay our debt and regain control over our financial situation. Thank you for the help!
Evelyn W. Baumgart


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I wanted to give my daughter some money as an early inheritance. Home Buying and Equity Agents gave me some wonderful options and I chose a lifetime mortgage. Now I have the money to spare and can continue to live in my house which I love so much. Thank you!
Louie Gray
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