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Why property sellers might consider selling quickly

Why selling fast?

Whatever reason you're selling something for, if you are convinced about the sale, you will want to close the deal as soon as possible. Not only will you get your money sooner, but depending on the circumstances a successful sale might unlock other progresses and actions. Also, achieving your goal to sell quite fast will save you time, effort and perhaps several attempts of closing the deal. However, the world isn't that perfect, and sometimes you have to wait in order to see the sale done, especially if you want to do so for a good price and in convenient terms.

Selling estate is never a simple and small task. It involves paperwork, effort, time and a lot of money. Even if today in the UK we have a seller's market for estate, sometimes you will have to wait for months until you sell your property. Of course, you can do some things to speed up the process, like bringing the price down or accepting terms that might not be that convenient for you. However, in some cases people are in a hurry to sell and thus they're willing to accept these terms in order to do so. And there is a chance that you either have found yourself in such a situation before, or perhaps you will in the future. So let's learn a little bit more about why would people want to sell their properties really fast. Read More...

Does Equity Release Come With Any Problems?

Equity release is one of the most popular ways of increasing your monthly income or getting a handsome lump sum for a project. This plan is usually recommended as a way to make extra cash especially if you are a home owner; the house gets the money for you. Confusing, huh? Let’s break it down.

Equity release typically refers to a loan given against property, which comes in two schemes

Lifetime Mortgage Scheme
  This is a plan in which the home owner gets the loan against the house but still retain ownership of the property. The loan, plus the accumulated interest, is recovered once the house is sold (usually in death of the homeowners or when they move to aided care). If the amount realized from the sale of the house will be more than the loan and interest owed, the difference is given to the next of kin.
Home Reversion Scheme
  This is a plan whereby you sell part or your entire home but you are allowed to still stay in it as a rent-free tenant for the entirety of your lifetime. In this plan, the money is recovered by selling the house when you move out

Equity release service providers such as Harwordquicksale has been an absolute lifesaver for many, and it is quite the in-thing with those above the age of 55.  However, before you go all out and get yourself the hottest deal, there are a few traps you need to be cautious about. Read More...

Why Invest In Home Buying Agents

Home buying agents; who are these mysterious creatures? What magic do they posses and can they really sort out your home buying needs with 3 wishes? How lasting are their genie powers? Well, for starters, these are legal professionals who will search, evaluate and negotiate a property purchase on behalf of a buyer. It is important to note that they do not sell property, they only facilitate a purchase.

What Does a Buyer’s Agent Really Do?

Conveyancing solicitors usually offer their services on a need basis. If you do not want to or do not know how to handle the legalities of buying property, you can engage a full service agent. With the full package, the agent handles all the specifics of the purchase from looking for the ideal property or portfolio up to signing the contract. Read More...


Our financial circumstances seemed to be going terribly wrong. We had no money left for a comfortable living as we had to clear a debt. Thanks to Home Buying and Equity Agents, we could repay our debt and regain control over our financial situation. Thank you for the help!
Evelyn W. Baumgart


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I wanted to give my daughter some money as an early inheritance. Home Buying and Equity Agents gave me some wonderful options and I chose a lifetime mortgage. Now I have the money to spare and can continue to live in my house which I love so much. Thank you!
Louie Gray
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